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I understand, by indicating I agree and submitting this registration, that I am responsible for any charges incurred by my pet while in the care of the doctors at Ahwatukee Animal Care Hospital and that charges are due and payable at the time of service, unless other arrangements are made in advance. Deposits are required on all major medical/surgical cases, trauma cases, and hospitalizations. We do offer Care Credit as a method of making payments; please ask about this before services are provided. We do not carry open accounts. Any balance that remains over a period of 30 days will accrue a monthly finance charge of 4.5%. Any balance that I leave unpaid more than 30 days will be forwarded to Ahwatukee Animal Care Hospital's collection agency, and will incur a 25% collection fee for which I am liable, in addition to monthly finance charges. This hospital works in conjunction with the Arizona State District Attorneys office in reporting all bad check writers. I agree to pay any costs and attorney's fees necessary for the collection of any amount not paid when due. Ahwatukee Animal Care Hospital not accept personal checks. To decrease the spread of infectious diseases and parasites, hospitalized patients,day care participants, and/or boarded pets must be current on all vaccinations and be free of all internal and external parasites. If we determine that your pet is not current on vaccinations and/or has fleas and/or ticks, we reserve the right to provide vaccinations and parasite control when needed, and you will be charged accordingly. If you have information to provide proof of vaccinations, please leave it with the front desk staff so that the information may be entered into your pet's file. I have read and understood the payment policy and infectious disease/parasite control policies. I am the owner or authorized agent on this account. I have the right to make medical and financial decisions on this account.
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