Breast Cancer Awareness and Your Pets

October has special meaning for many women. It is a time of year set aside to raise awareness of breast cancer issues. So, it’s also a great time for us to review how breast cancer can affect our pets, too. Our dogs and cats cannot perform a self exam. But, as conscientious pet owners, we […]

September is Happy Cat Month!

Cats are wonderful companions and pets. This month, take some time to ensure as a cat owner, you are dedicated to making sure you have a happy feline friend. Let’s discuss some things to consider when evaluating how happy your cat may be and consider some extra things you can do to increase your cat’s […]

August is Immunization Awareness Month: Have You Checked Your Pet’s Immunization Record?

Vaccines fundamentally changed modern medicine. Beginning with the smallpox vaccine in the 18th century, vaccines have continued to be developed for both human and animal health. The rabies vaccine, developed by Louis Pasteur, was first administered to dogs in 1881. Vaccines play a crucial role in preventive medicine to protect both people and animals from […]